LOC - Learning Object Creator
The LOC authoring tool

LOC (Learning Object Creator) authoring tool

The development of the LOC authoring tool was an initiative led by the LLAS Centre in collaboration with Julie Watson (tool designer) in eLanguages. The aim was to create a Learning Object Creation tool that would enable educators to produce pedagogically-sound online learning material in an easy and effective way. The project also involved the creation of proactive support mechanisms to help practitioners in their understanding of the pedagogical affordances of LOC.

Since the first LOC training workshops of 2007, which were attended by language teachers within HE and FE from all over the UK, an international community of LOC users has now grown and established itself. Community members share their materials and experiences online through the LLAS website, thus cascading good materials and good practice in eLearning.

In LOC training workshops run by the LLAS Centre, participants are introduced to the online tool and the pedagogical concepts underpinning its design, and encouraged to create their own learning objects for peer assessment within the group. Workshops are offered regularly to provide training and access to the LOC tool, user guides, and example materials created using it.

The complete training pack now includes:

  • A full one-day workshop in using the online LOC tool
  • The guide to learning object design
  • The LOC Tool technical guide
  • A developer planning sheet (pre-production)
  • A developer checklist (post-production)
  • A set of sample learning objects

For more information about how to sign up to attend a LOC workshop, go to the LLAS LOC website.