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Listening and note-taking - weblinks

BBC World Service Radio player

Select a radio station and a type of show to practise listening to British English online.

BBC Learning English

A website providing considerable listening practice resources, including videos and audio recordings with questions and access to tapescripts.

Language and Learning Online

A comprehensive set of resources for academic study, including skills and strategies for assignments, exams and research, provided by Monash University, Australia.

English Language Listening Lab Online

This resource provides audio clips of speakers from around the world discussing various topics, allowing you also to read the script, take quizes and learn vocabulary.

Listening - Centre for Independent Language Learning

Advice and links to listening practice materials, provided by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The Reith lectures - BBC Radio 4

BBC Recordings of complete lectures given by eminent speakers from around the world on some of the important challenges facing the world today, with full transcripts.

Using English for Academic Purposes: Listening Comprehension and Note-Taking

A useful guide on listening comprehension and notetaking for international students, provided by the University of Hertfordshire.

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