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Academic writing - weblinks

University of Southampton Skills Guides

A comprehensive set of academic skills guides to help you get the most out of university learning.

Reports - Centre for Independent Language Learning

A set of resources produced by teachers to help with report writing, provided by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University website.

Reasearch and Learning Online

A comprehensive set of resources for academic study, including skills and strategies for assignments, exams and research, provided by Monash University, Australia.

Paraphrase: Write It in Your Own Words

An introduction to paraphrasing containing tips to help paraphrase effectively, provided by Purdue University

Academic Writing: Introduction

An introduction to academic writing covering academic words, conventions and structures, provided by the University of Wollongong.

Using English for Academic Purposes: Academic Writing

A comprehensive guide to most of the important aspects of academic writing, accompanied by practise exercises, maintained by the University of Hertfordshire.

The Harvard Referencing System

An online guide explaining how references should be presented when using the Harvard style of referencing.

How to Cite References

An overview of how to cite references including links to five different referencing style guides.

Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognise and Avoid it

A useful resource to help you understand what does and does not qualify as plagiarism, as well as tips to help you avoid plagiarising, provided by Indiaina University Bloomington.

Avoiding Plagiarism

A comprehensive resource providing definitions, examples and exercises to help you understand what is and is not considered plagiarism, provided by the University of Hertfordshire.

Academic Grammar

A resource providing information and activities relating to academic grammar, particularly focusing on grammar in essays, literature reviews and research reports, provided by Hong Kong University.

Library Research at Cornell: The Seven Steps

An outline of seven recommended steps you should undertake during the research process.

Writing for a Purpose

A detailed resource of interactive learning materials to improve your writing for assignments, with information and advice regarding many different writing tasks, provided by the British Council.

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