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Grammar for academic purposes - weblinks

English Grammar Guide

A comprehensive English grammar resource which explains grammatical rules simply, alongside examples.

Gerunds, Participle and Infinitives

A detailed information resource focusing on gerunds, participles and infinitives, which includes examples and explanations.

Research and Learning Online

A comprehensive set of resources for academic study, including skills and strategies for assignments, exams and research, provided by Monash University, Australia.

Glossary of English Grammar Terms

A comprehensive online English glossary of linguistics and grammatical terms, which provides grammar definitions and cross-references to other relevant terms.

An online grammar practise resource.

A website providing grammar practise and resources.

Compleat Lexical Tutor

A corpus obtained from a range of text types.

Webcorp Advanced Concordancer

A concordancing tool which uses internet search engines such as Google to search for concordances.

Just The Word

A concordancing tool which can be used justify choice of words or suggest potential improvements.

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