About the EAP Toolkit


The EAP Toolkit, which we have developed and licensed since 2004, is our flagship resource for students.

The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Toolkit is a comprehensive collection of resources and activities that are designed to improve students' academic English and study skills, primarily in a higher education setting. It provides over 100 hours of learning materials and can either be used as an independent study tool or integrated into teaching in the classroom. It has recently undergone a major refreshment and expansion, with the new, upgraded version now available!

Licensing the EAP Toolkit

Licences for the EAP Toolkit are available for institutions to purchase, starting at £1750 for a year for up to 2000 staff and student users, with discounted annual costs for longer licences. The Toolkit can be delivered via our website or, for UK-based institutions taking out a licence of 2 years or longer, through an institutional VLE.

VAT is not applicable for licences to educational institutions, but is added for other organisations.

What's in the EAP Toolkit?

The content is divided into seven folders - click a title to see a full contents list for each:

Additionally, we are implementing study pathways and a tagging system to help guide students through sections of the Toolkit. We also provide materials to help institutions to promote the Toolkit to their students.

Try some content from the EAP Toolkit

We have two samples available for you to try:

If you would like to organise a one-week free trial of the EAP Toolkit for a small number of staff, please contact us at elang1@soton.ac.uk

What do users think?

What licensing institutions and teachers say:

"Excellent materials. The content has stood the test of time."
"Many of my students used the EAP Toolkit outside of class and I saw an improvement in their essays."
"It has been an invaluable resource for us over the years and long may it continue to be so."
"I think it is an excellent resource. It was so gratifying to find back-up and practice exercises for almost everything we covered during the course."

What students say:

"The topics and activities are good and useful. Everything is covered."
"The visual elements in activities like charts, graphs and the feedback parts were really practical and useful."
"It is a huge source that especially international students can profit a lot. I am happy to study with it."
"It is simple and organised very easy to follow. Categories are well-ordered so it's easy to find what I am looking for."

View summary of research into attitudes and uses by institutions, teachers and students:

EAP Toolkit poster (pdf, 1237kb).

I'm a student - can I use the EAP Toolkit without buying a licence?

As an individual user, you can either use the Toolkit at a licensing institution or purchase access to a set of resources from the Toolkit using our Pay, Access and Learn system. You can also contact your institution to see if they have a licence, and if not, why not encourage them to purchase one?