Digital Literacies Toolkit


We created the Digital Literacies Toolkit as a free resource to help students to improve their online skills and awareness of good practice.

Welcome to the Digital Literacies Toolkit. This interactive learning tool was designed by Julie Watson and developed by eLanguages in Languages, Cultures and Linguistics at the University of Southampton with support from the university's Student-Centredness Fund. The purpose of this set of learning resources is to help students:

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The Digital Literacies Toolkit

Conditions of use

If you are a student you may access and use these learning resources freely for the purpose of learning.

If you are a teacher, learning advisor or represent an educational institution in the UK or elsewhere in the world, you may use the Digital Literacies Toolkit and its contents for non-commercial, educational purposes by linking to this homepage URL or to individual pages (URL) of any items in the toolkit.

The intellectual property rights in the Digital Literacies Toolkit shall at all times remain the property of the creators. You may not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any of the content, including the individual learning resources which comprise the toolkit.


If you have any feedback about the Digital Literacies Toolkit, please email us. Thank you!