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'This really helped me to know how life & education is going to be in the UK.' - International student comment

Prepare for Success - a website visited over a million times!

A development funded by the Prime Minister's Initiative through the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). This free resource is provided for international students planning to study at any university or college in the UK, and can also be used by receiving institutions in the UK, or institutions overseas. The Prepare for Success website achieved half a million visits in July 2012 and this was reported by the PIE News. On 4th November 2014 the website received its millionth visit, and on Friday 15th September 2017 the two millionth visitor accessed the site.

What is Prepare for Success?

  • A web-based resource of 23 interactive units of learning about academic life in the UK
  • Providing 18+ hours of activity-based interactive learning for international students
  • Offering a choice of study pathways through the resources by skill or topic
  • Interactive FAQs webpage providing simple answers to frequently asked questions about study in the UK
  • Versatile in how it can be delivered to students by institutions
  • Includes information page for teachers and institutions
  • An interactive FAQs page for international students preparing for study at a UK Further Education College
  • A blog providing more information and resources, and which responds to students' queries

What is the aim?

Prepare for Success helps international students prepare for tertiary level study in the UK before they arrive. By engaging with the interactive learning resources students discover what British academic culture is like in colleges and universities and what kind of academic skills they will need for effective study. As well as preparing international students for what to expect when they begin their studies, the resource also provides scope for language improvement.

How can it be used?

Prepare for Success can be used to enhance a receiving institution's pre-arrival support package for its international students or a post-arrival induction course. International students can be directed to the resource via a link on an institutional website. The website is suitable for self-access use by students or units can be incorporated into a tutored, VLE-based course and delivered to students. Sending institutions can also use the resource to teach students.

Who is it for?

Prepare for Success is intended primarily for international students whose first language is not English and is suitable for students with an IELTS level between 5.5 and 7.5.

Project continuation

The first seven development phases of the Prepare for Success website development have now been completed and the website ( is being extensively used. The blog continues to be updated on a regular basis. The latest phase of development, which started in April 2016 and is being led by Andrew Davey, is further developing the site to enhance the user experience from mobile devices. The ninth phase of the project will commence in April 2018 and will seek to broaden the audience for the website and provide an increased understanding of its usage.

PMI Student Experience Achievements 2006-2011, the final report for the PMI projects in which Prepare for Success is featured, can be found here: UKCISA Publications and Reports.

Project history

You can now see the history of the development of Prepare for Success on our project timeline. We also presented a Prepare for Success poster at the British Council GoingGlobal4 Conference on Internationalising Higher Education on 25th March 2010.

  • About Prepare for Success
    Differences in university study
    The language challenge
    Ways of being taught on your course
    Preparing for online study
    Adapting to a new life
    Studying independently
    Academic writing at university
    Critical thinking
    Studying science, engineering or technology
    Understanding course assignments
    Using what you read in your academic writing
    Your relationship with your tutors
    Using study time effectively
    Managing your course work
    Taking part in seminars
    Listening to lectures
    Reading for your course
    Skills for presenting in seminars
    Working with others
    Preparing for course work and exams
    Settling down to study
    Reaching the end and taking the next step

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