Prepare for Presessional
Prepare for Presessional

Prepare for Presessional

Prepare for Presessional is a five-week online course developed by the eLanguages research and development unit in Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton. It is a sister course to the successful Pre-sessional Boarding Pass course for students of Management. The course was successfully piloted at the University of Southampton in the summer of 2014. It is now available for licence by other UK universities to tutor and use with their own international students.

All course learning materials are provided and hosted on a bespoke course platform at the University of Southampton; the licensing university can upload their students and tutor their own course at a cost per cohort, based on groups of up to 30 students. There are discounted rates for larger numbers of students and for longer-term contracts.

The course focuses on English language development for international students who particularly need to improve their academic writing and reading skills (it is recommended for students who have obtained an IELTS score of 5.0 or 5.5 in reading and/or writing). It covers basic concepts and preparation in academic writing; reading and critical thinking; vocabulary and grammar and developing students' study skills awareness.

In addition to all course learning materials, Prepare for Presessional includes tutor-facilitated discussion activities and provision for weekly chat sessions. Each week there is a reading or writing assignment and a grammar and vocabulary self-test. Course guidelines, marking sheets and tutoring notes are provided, and full access is given to student activity reports on the course platform.

Student and presessional course tutor comments (2014):

  • "(The online course is) a chance to start with academic skills before the presessional course...especially in writing." (student)
  • "The feedback showed me where is my weak[ness], where is my strength, I like this course." (student)
  • "What is mostly apparent is that X quickly recognises what I am teaching, she tends to grasp the point before the other students. In these situations it is apparent that she has prior knowledge of the topics I introduce to the class." (class tutor commenting on student's progress after the online course)
  • "She's the best in the class, pure and simple...right from the beginning the very first writing task they do on the first day she had proper structure, her paragraphs were organised and had some logic." (class tutor commenting on student's progress after the online course)

The course runs for a period of 5 weeks at a time of year of your choosing. Licences are available starting from £3000 for a first student cohort. Discounts are available for multiple cohorts and for longer licensing periods. Please contact the eLanguages team for further information.