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Our Pay, Access and Learn system allows individual students to license packages from the EAP Toolkit.

Welcome to Pay, Access and Learn (PAL), a system for online learning from eLanguages.

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What is PAL?

PAL (Pay, Access and Learn) is a website which offers interactive online learning resources for students. The resources are organised into sets of ten items on a related topic (for example, Basic skills for academic writing) and each set provides at least six hours of activity-based learning. Individual resource sets are available for licence.

Who can license the resource sets?

Resource sets can be licensed by students who are preparing for, or already studying in higher education. The resource sets are for independent learning use.

How do I get access to a resource set?

To access a resource set, you first need to create a user account. You can then select a resource set and pay for it online. You will need to insert your username and password each time you access your resource set.

How long can I use the resource set for?

A resource set (or more than one resource set) can be licensed for a period of either one month or three months, and you may renew or extend a licence at any time.

How much does it cost to license a resource set?

The cost depends on the licence period. For example, an individual user licence for 1 resource set costs £5 for 1 month or £10 for 3 months.