Study Skills Toolkit Weblinks

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Learning Skills

Wikipedia - Brainstorming
An overview of the techniques used in brainstorming.

University of Southampton Academic Skills
A comprehensive set of study skills tools.

Study Skills Self-help Information
Reference material and Powerpoint slides on different study skills from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Oxford Brookes-Time Management
A guide to managing your time effectively.

Gathering information and using the library
Tips for using a university library system effectively provided by the Unversity of Southampton.

University College Berkeley: Teaching library internet workshops
How to get the most from your internet use.

Search Engine Watch: Search engine tutorials
Useful information on using search engines. Advanced search made easy
How to use Google effectively.

Aston University - How to revise
Revision tips from Aston University.

Harvard university - how to work in groups
Six online handouts with suggestions as to how to work effectively in groups.

Improving your memory
Useful guide to memory techniques.

Managing your stress and anxiety
A website dealing with aspects of stress management provided by Dartmouth College.

Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios
A rich source of information about electronic portfolio development from one of the world's leading authorities in this area.

About e-Portfolios
A general introduction to e-portfolios and examples of students' e-portfolios provided by Penn State University, USA.

Association of Graduate Recruiters
A website providing information about what kind of skills graduate recruiters look for.





Academic Writing Skills

University of Southampton: Getting started with academic skills
A guide to academic writing and assignment writing.

Academic writing: organising the answer
Using English for Academic Purposes (UEfAP) Comprehensive reference and practice material provided by the University of Hertfordshire.

Exeter University: A guide to the stages of writing an essay
A breakdown of the various stages of essay writing.

Presenting Facts and Opinions
A document dealing with the different way of expressing facts and opinions.

Plagiarism test
A short self-marking test in which you decide whether or not examples of written work are plagiarised provided by Indiana University.

Princeton University: Examples of plagiarism
Exploration of plagiarism including source paragraphs and essay extracts illustrating acceptable or unacceptable practice.

Paraphrase: write it in your own words
Practice exercises in paraphrasing with sample answers provided by Purdue University.

ABC of quotations and your own words
A guide on referencing provided by Middlesex University.

Harvard style of referencing
An explanation of how to use the Harvard referencing system.

Citing references
A comprehensive overview of how to cite references correctly provided by the University of Bournemouth.

Online Materials giving advice on how to improve your writing
Study skills material focusing on the areas that are important in academic writing, provided by the University of Essex.

Hit Parade of Errors in Style, Grammar and Punctuation
Useful reference material on proofreading for common errors provided by the University of Toronto.

Plymouth University: Writing a conclusion
A guide to writing essay conclusions.

Plagiarism: What it is and how to recognize and avoid it
Useful reference material with examples provided by the University of Indiana.

Avoiding Plagiarism
Information and exercises to help you avoid plagiarism provided by the University of Hertfordshire





Reading and Critical Thinking Skills

Strategies for efficient reading
Practice in using different reading strategies provided by the University Wollongong.

How users read on the web
A detailed analysis of how reading on-screen is different from reading paper-based material.

Speed reading test online
Material to help you test your reading speed.

Speed reading techniques
A range of techniques to help you read faster provided by Glendale Community College.

Critical reading
Reference and practice material on reading critically provided by the University of Wollongong.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask
Useful advice on how to evaluate web-based information provided by the University of California, Berkeley.

Note-taking skills from lectures and reading
Useful guidance on reading and note-taking from the Department of Lifelong Learning at the University of Exeter.

Reading and note-taking for essays
Helpful information about how to approach reading and note-taking from the University of Sussex.

Reading and remembering academic text
Practical advice on how to remember what you read for your academic studies provided by the University of Canberra.





Aspects of Academic Language

The Academic Word List (AWL)
A resource developed by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand which can help you identify vocabulary more commonly found in academic written contexts.





Academic Speaking, Listening and Note-taking

Giving an oral presentation
A practical approach to preparing an oral presentation provided by the University of Canberra.

Palgrave Macmillan Study Skills Audio Downloads
Practise your listening and note-taking skills using these audios files on exam skills and critical thinking, as well as a range of other topics.

Because netiquette matters
An introduction to manners and style for emails and other forms of online communication.





Comprehensive and easy to use dictionary online.
An online dictionary that searches through 992 online dictionaries at once. A dictionary tool that searches for your chosen word through a massive database of dictionaries and provides several definitions from the different dictionaries available.

Online dictionary and translation service
A dictionary with a translation service included.

An online dictionary of computing terms.