Open Educational Resources

OER project research community

eLanguages began research in the area of Open Educational Resources (OERs) through a number of projects that began in 2007. The JISC-funded L2O Project investigated community sharing of Language Learning Objects (LOs) and developed an experimental repository, CLARe, to enable the storing and sharing of the project LO outputs.

This project was followed by MURLLO (Management, Use and Re-purposing of Language Learning Objects), an Eduserv-funded project, which explored the development of tools to assist in the application of contextual metadata, resource discovery, and editing of LOs.

CLAReT (Contextualised Learning Activity Repository Tools), another JISC-funded project, took the CLARe repository and contextual metadata further by investigating and mapping the language teaching and learning domain and using Web 2.0 interfaces (such as tag clouds and principles of social networking) to assist in better resource discovery. The L2O research community continued to expand and take part in all of these projects.

Faroes, a further JISC-funded Capital Project, led by the Learning Societies Laboratory in ECS at the University of Southampton, built on this work and developed LanguageBox, a repository for sharing language learning resources in distributed social spaces.

From November 2011 to October 2012, eLanguages led a group of five part-time teachers of French , German, Italian and English as a Second Language, from the Modern Languages and Linguistics department at the University of Southampton in their involvement in the JISC-funded FAVOR (Finding a Voice through Open Resources) Project. This OER Project aimed to showcase the excellent and often unrecognised work of part-time language teachers in Higher Education through their teaching resources. The teachers adapted, published and shared some of their existing language teaching resources as open content and learned to use new authoring tools such as LOC to create additional resources. These Open Educational Resources were uploaded to the LanguageBox from where they can be linked to or downloaded by other teachers.

The FAVOR project was managed by the LLAS Centre and involved nearly 30 part-time language teachers coordinated from five geographically dispersed UK language centres. Over 300 language teaching resources in a range of digital media were shared as open content through LanguageBox, a web-based repository for language teachers and learners. For more information see also the FAVOR Project blog.