Some of our online resources and courses
Some of our online resources and courses

Online Resources & Courses

Elanguages produces a range of online educational courses and resources. These include resource sets which are free for students and teachers to use (e.g. Prepare for Success and the Digital Literacies Toolkit) or which can be licensed by institutions (e.g. the EAP Toolkit for International Students and the Study Skills Toolkit). Elanguages also develops and delivers online courses. Tutored online courses include a full Masters Degree Programme, the MA in English Language Teaching: Online, an online pre-sessional course for Management students, Pre-sessional Boarding Pass: Online and a generic online pre-sessional course for all students, Prepare for Presessional. Get Ready for Southampton, a free untutored transition course for international students coming to study at the University of Southampton, is also run each year.

We have also recently launched our Pay, Access and Learn site, which allows individual students to access sets of resources from the toolkits for a given period.

Our online courses and resource sets are underpinned by an explicit pedagogic approach and developed using our own in-house authoring tool.

For further information about any of these online resource sets or courses please refer to the relevant webpage.