Presessional Boarding Pass: Online
Presessional Boarding Pass: Online

Presessional Boarding Pass: Online

Presessional Boarding Pass is the first wholly online component of a 16-week Presessional Course in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for international students preparing for MSc or MBA study in the Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton. This intensive five-week online programme, which is tutored by EAP specialists based in the UK, has doubled in size since its inception in 2011. In 2014 over 50 international students successfully completed the course online before arriving in Southampton to complete the final 11 weeks of their presessional course, face-to-face. Over 250 students have taken part since the course was launched in 2011.

Students taking the five-week online course are required to have a 5.5 overall IELTS score with a 5.0 for either (or both) Reading and Writing. Presessional Boarding Pass focuses on core concepts in academic writing and reading, together with vocabulary and grammar development and study skills awareness. Course content draws on examples from Business, and students engage with interactive learning materials, and tutor-facilitated discussion and chat sessions in preparation for weekly reading or writing assignments. Students can check their own progress each week using a grammar and vocabulary review test. Videos featuring lecturers and international students from the Southampton Business School also help course participants prepare for their future life and study at the University.

Student course evaluations and satisfaction levels are very high. Here is a small sample of some of the students' feedback about their experience of learning on Presessional Boarding Pass: Online:

  • In this course, I learned a large amount of new knowledge preparing for my Masters (degree programme) and a good online learning experience also.
  • I like to chat and discuss with my classmates and teacher to make me understand the lessons clearly. Also, I like to study online because I can manage my time to study and submit the assignments perfectly.
  • ...the weekly quizzes and course I think can help me learn many English rules and skills. The quizzes can help me review the lessons and make me remember it clearly.
  • In my opinion, the course is perfect for learning English. The online course taught us how to organise our time.
  • The online course is important and useful for me. I can study whenever convenient. Thanks for tutor's advice and for being so helpful.
  • The chat room - it made me feel I was not alone during the process and solve some questions directly. Besides, the chat with international classmates is fresh.
  • Tutor's feedback of assignment and the answers on discussion forums - they are very clear, and the advice of feedback is very useful to improve the assignment.
  • I think the online lessons provide information that has good organisation every week and (is) related with assignments and quizzes - There are many examples in the lessons and it is easy to understand.

Further information about presessional course entry requirements for international students of Management are available on the 'Management Applicants' section of the Presessional Course in EAP website.