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L2O - Sharing Language Learning Objects: Aims and objectives


The aim of the project is to pilot a model of regional collaborative partnerships sharing and re-using electronic learning resources across institutions and across sectors; and to investigate and explore the issues raised by such collaborations.


  • To collect language skills tasks devised by colleagues in HE, FE, Adult Education and other sectors;
  • To repurpose these tasks into Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) using templates, guidelines and checklists devised and tested by the eLanguages Project, package using RELOAD/TELCERT and store in the eLanguages Learning Object Repository prior to storage in JORUM.
  • To assign appropriate metadata to these tasks so that they can be placed in a digital repository and discovered easily by other users;
  • To engage learners in activities to develop them as both more aware and more independent learners which are key attributes for making progress in a subject area that relies on independent learning and practice.
  • To develop tasks that are aimed at supporting learners outside the classroom and at all stages of their language learning, both informal and formal;
  • To ascertain the advantages and barriers to sharing online learning materials across a regional community of practice.


  • The project aims to produce materials which will have wide applicability to learners across the consortium institutions and will increase the pool of quality assured e-learning resources available online to each student in the region. The student experience will be improved through flexible access to visually appealing online learning materials which will embody good pedagogic practice.
  • The project will cascade good practice in the development, creation and storage of online materials so that learners, who might not otherwise have access at their institution will benefit from leading edge developments in interactive materials design, audio and video capture and digital delivery. Since many of the RLOs developed will focus on language learning skills, they will be useful to students of all languages and will lead to skills and strategies which will provide a sound base for future language learning.